10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Customer Care Service on Twitter

Twitter seems to have gained quite the popularity and is now being used as a medium by companies and organizations for customer support. It seems to be quite a desirable alternative to calling or even sending an email to the customer care support team. Have you ever been kept on hold waiting for someone from the customer care support team to answer the phone? Awaiting an email response could be equally frustrating as it could take days before you get a reply with a solution to your problem. These are daily problems and situations which arise and should be tackled with care. Customers end up feeling mistreated and irritated. In the business world, the customer is king and the success of any enterprise depends upon its customers and ability to keep them happy.

Twitter is one of the most viable platforms to express one’s thoughts and opinions. This would serve as a concrete structure whereby customers could easily get in touch with customer care support. Since twitter is a public forum, other users will also be able to see it. Having a good reputation when it comes to customer support and feedback could be a game changer for you.

So here are the top 10 tips on how you could provide the best customer care service on twitter.

1. Setting up an Infrastructure – Before you jump head first into it, plan on setting up an organized infrastructure. Instead of having your twitter page full of queries and feedback all over the place, make use of a Twitter Dashboard. It has all you need in an orderly fashion. From here you could easily track conversations, make notes, and even invite team members.

2. Don’t pay a deaf ear to negative feedback – Is negative feedback all that bad? Well, a company could actually learn from such feedback. Oftentimes negative feedback is ignored but instead of being ignored, it should be taken as a learning experience. This would help the company spot flaws and correct problems in an attempt to regain customers.

3. Keep the conversation on Twitter – At times it might be difficult to keep the conversation limited only to twitter as each tweet is limited to 140 characters. Before asking for the customers email account to discuss things further, ask the customer to direct message you. It saves the hassle of the customer having to explain their problems from scratch via email messages.

4. Private information should be kept strictly to direct messages – Since twitter is a public forum everyone can read your tweets. This is why all personal related information such as email address, phone number, address, and billing information must be kept private. Using direct messages to converse about such matters is advisable.

5. Add your initials to your tweets – A quick and simple way of identifying which employee sent a tweet would be added with their initials to the tweets. It helps create accountability and keeps things more organized.

6. Respond on time – A quick response to customer queries is essential. This is one step which is the most crucial in improving you customer service on twitter. This makes the customers feel appreciated and valued.

7. Tracking brand mention – Tracking brand mentions is an unavoidable part of monitoring. Apart from regularly checking your twitter notifications, track mentions and hashtags of your company name. Even keep an eye out for misspellings of your brand name. Enabling twitter notifications on your desktop as well as your phone is necessary.

8. No robots – We’ve all been on the receiving end of the monotonous automated replies. They are irritating instead of being helpful. Make informed employees respond to customer related queries.

9. Know your customers – Creating a personal touch with customers make them feel cared about. Creating a highly personalized experience is crucial when using twitter as a platform for customer support.

10. Going the extra mile – Apart from resolving issues, show the customers that you care for them and aren’t just trying to sell them your products and services. Gift vouchers, and sending them a greeting on their birthday could really make a difference.

So there you have it. 10 quick and simple tips which can set you on the right part to improving your customer care support on social media, especially twitter.

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