Twitter reports 255 mln Users Growth + $250 mln Revenue 1st Quarter

Twitter Inc led by its Chief Executive – Dick Costolo, has reported a significant rise in Twitter’s User count. Along with their $250 million in Revenue, Twitter reported to have generated a growth of about 255 million users in their 1st Quarter results. Twitter’s power-pack revenue seems to have been generated from their recently introduced Mobile Ads. As smartphone devices have started increasing their market share it has actually helped Twitter Mobile Ads gaining traction with more outreach + viewer responses.

The 255 million users growth that we got to know has grown by nearly 25% YoY (Year On Year) basis.

Back in the month of February, Twitter’s Chief Executive – Dick Costolo – had promised to bring back the previous growth which Twitter had maintained. As a result Twitter has grown to 255 mln users at the moment but are the investors happy?

The word and movement on the streets report that although Twitter was up at about 5.8 percent from the previous quarter Investors were not really happy at this movement. As a result, Twitter’s shares tanked to about 8.5 % in a sell off trading session.

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