Top Twitter Marketing Tips You Should Avoid For Your Business

The social media can be a boon or a bane for your business. There is no question on how social media can boost your business performance and marketing but how you use them can mark the difference. Twitter is one of the most common social media platforms that are used by online marketers to generate leads for their business. Using Twitter most appropriately will allow you to generate a minefield that can harness productivity for your business while the other way around can result to a disastrous consequence. Here are some top Twitter tips you should avoid for your business in order for you to become successful.

Avoid Too Many Hashtags

Hashtags are the words that you can include in your Twitter post preceded by the “#” sign.  These tags can be great tools for you to promote your business and your products.  You can even use a hashtag for a promotion that you are running or an event that you are organizing in relation to your business.  But some people overuse it to the point of making each word of their post a hashtag.

Try to limit it to not more than two per tweet.  Three tweets are too many and can make your tweet longer than it should be.  Place the hashtag at the end of your tweet to make your post easier to read.  Avoid placing numbers at the start of your hashtag (for example #101tweet).  If you have to use numbers, place it after the alphabets like this #tweet888. Make your hashtags short.  It should not be more than 2 words to make it easy to read and remember.  You should also make the hashtag relevant to your tweet otherwise the hashtag will mean nothing to your reader.

You will find many hashtags used on Twitter that are written in all small letters.  This is harmless if you are using only one word for your hashtag.  But if you are using a combination of two words, it will be easier to read if you capitalize the first letter of each word.  For instance, #SamPlea will be easier on the eyes than #samplea.  The first example will tell your readers that your hashtag is about Sam Plea and not Sample A.

Avoid Protecting Your Posts

Protecting your tweets can surely help you avoid trolls but this is actually a counter-productive approach for your business.  You will be limiting your tweets to your existing community when what you really want is to grow your community and increase more chances of getting sales.  If you want to avoid trolls, just simply ignore them.  You can also block them in Twitter if they persist but don’t protect your tweets.  Protecting your tweets is a one-way communication and that is not very social in the social media world.  People like businesses that communicate with them to make them feel as part of your business.

Avoid Replying To All

Use the Direct Message feature of Twitter when replying to a specific person.  Use the “@nameofperson” approach only if you are replying to benefit everyone like giving them an update in relation to the question raised by a specific person.  The Direct Message makes the person feel more cared for because you took the time to respond to them personally.  Sending a direct message is also effective in dealing with issues of the specific individual and makes you in control of the conversation instead of dragging everyone and having different replies coming from all directions.  If a person has a valid concern or question that is out of the topic of your tweet, a direct message is the way to respond.

The social media will work effectively to boost your business when you keep your posts interesting and in a regular manner.  Always get in touch with your followers by sending tweets on a regular basis that will help make them remember you always.  Make social media as an extension of your customer service department.  It should make your followers feel that they are well cared for.

Do not delegate the management of your Twitter to just someone else

Being an entrepreneur, you are probably too busy to manage your Twitter account for business and it seems like a good option to have someone else manage your account on your behalf. This is however a common mistake for many that can result to a devastating effect on your business. If you find it really necessary to delegate this task, you should find someone who is trained and an expert about your business to make him capable of replying to your customers’ queries in an appropriate manner. Expect the negative repercussions when you delegate the task to an inexperienced person. It is important to take your business profile on Twitter more seriously and you should manage it yourself as much as possible or to look for an experienced person to do it for you

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