Top 5 Twitter Strategies for Social Media Branding

Online Marketing is an incomplete aspect if it does not include any kind of Social Media Marketing and Branding Strategies. It has been observed that 73% of all Social Media initiatives are not successful. You might be wondering why is this? It’s cause in our present online marketing efforts – 19% of all brands take all the success of nearly 82% of all the social media promotional initiatives and online marketing activities.

Creating Social Media Branding Strategies for Power Twitter Accounts

The recent online marketing trends of 2012 suggests that online marketing is developing its prominence more into developing Brands and creating a diverse social culture with the online audience. We found that upcoming start-ups are more successful than present players in the sector. The gap lies in the corporate planning center where they don’t even know how to deal with the potentiality of this online social media brand building.

twitter social media branding strategyTop 5 Twitter Social Media Branding Strategies for improving Social Media Marketing

Twitter is now the social media hub of all conversations and online brand building. A lot of online marketers and social media experts might say otherwise. Being Authentic with your brand campaign is the real key to build a successful brand. Over here we have characterized the success of online social media branding by showing how Twitter can be crucial on the scale of effectiveness.

So let’s see how we can create successful online marketing campaigns on Twitter –

  1. Genuine + Quality Content –  The secret behind successful bloggers lies in their content. You must be acquainted with the famous saying – Content is the KING. Truly, a well structured, informative content can help you win over the social media battle. Producing genuine content is a must because your copied content will already have 3-7 copies somewhere else in the online web.
  2. Communicating to the Reader – Writing excellent content may not always help you in approaching your target customer. One should keep in mind the quality of the content that is being produced. Nobody like boring content, but adding humor to it and giving thought to the reader’s mind always works. Thus, the online marketer must know about how to communicate with the reader. The tweet needs to be open for conversation for valuable customer feedback.
  3. Listening to Social Media Buzz – Every form of media has an element of noise vs the buzz. Especially after Google Penguin Update it depends upon the marketer if he/she can separate the two for the betterment of the campaign. Once the campaign starts rolling, the marketer must listen into the online social media buzz. This buzz is important because it provides a form of buzz has a result-feedback structure which tells the marketer if the campaign needs to be tweaked or stopped.
  4. Build the Power of Engaging – Twitter is a place of constant relay of information and news updates. The campaign would go wasted if there is nobody to attract the mass and make them listen to the objectives and increase customer base with effective social media marketing campaign. Engaging users is the most difficult part in the entire marketing chain. The marketer needs to find out what will make the user happy and interested in the campaign. The main aim should be on how to attract personal involvement.
  5. Ride the wave of Motivation and Re-Tweets – Imagine a situation where a celebrity tweets a good news, or maybe a bad news to his/her followers. Within a fraction of a second the tweet is seen Re-Tweeted to all the social media channels. The key to going viral lies in this medium of becoming an image. Growing Twitter Followers and then getting them involved with the person’s tweet and decides to update a new channel of unknowns. Thus riding the wave of Re-Tweets is fun but difficult to create.

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