Top 7 Best Free WordPress Plugins for 2014

WordPress can now proudly state that it is the most widely used content management system (CMS) on the web. With more than 70 million different website owners using this system, its safe to say WordPress is extremely popular; among other things, a result of its ease-of-use and customization options. In fact, a recent study completed by Technorati shows that nearly 48% of the top listed blogs now use this platform because it is versatile; with thousands of available plugins that help customize and make any blog more usable and interesting.

So what’s new in the Best WordPress Plugins Category for 2014 ?

Additionally, these best WordPress plugins require little to no programming knowledge to install; you pretty much click the download button and follow the instructions to activate the plugin (a process that only takes a couple of minutes). While there are many interesting plugins you may want to try there are a few essential ones you definitely don’t want to go without.

Here is an exclusive list of the top seven best WordPress Plugins for 2014; the ones no avid blogger can live without.

  1. Akismet – Comment SPAM Prevention for your Blog
    Akismet Logo - WordPress Plugin
    If you’re new to WordPress blogging, within just a few short days of uploading your blog to the web, you’ll find a real need for the Akismet WordPress plugin – unless you really love getting a ton of spam comments, that is. Once this little plugin is downloaded and activated it protects your blog from receiving those terrible spam comments. You’ll know the ones I’m talking about upon seeing them. These are the ones with paragraph upon paragraph of gibberish or keyword stuffing – they make no sense at all.

    Akismet manages and identifies comments that are spam, keeping them from being posted to your blog. It can protect your blog from receiving hundreds and thousands of comments that make no sense and are simply bad advertising methods used by some online network marketers. What it simply does it whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog, it checks the comment quality along with other details like IP, Blacklisted Status, etc. once the comment passes through all it’s filters it is then allowed to be marked as Approved.

    Download Link – Akismet – WordPress Plugin

  2. All in One SEO Pack
    All in One SEO Pack Logo - WordPress Plugin
    As a blogger you want your posts to be read and the best way to do that is by ensuring they get indexed correctly. You want the search engines to use the keywords you choose and use in the posts correctly. All in One SEO pack is a WordPress SEO plugin that optimizes the post so search engines can index each and every post correctly.

    It chooses the descriptions, titles, and metatags automatically for you or allows you to customize these yourself by adding the information you want in the content boxes that appear underneath the post after you finish the plugin installation. This plugin automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

    Download Link – All in One SEO Pack – WordPress Plugin

  3. Broken Link Checker
    The new Google Panda features obstruct a blog’s ability to index well on the search engine when it contains frequent mistakes like broken links. A nifty little WordPress plugin that can help you fix these errors is the Broken Link Checker. It checks the entire blog for broken links and missing images which could negatively affect the blog and your search engine listing.

    Download Link – Broken Link Checker – WordPress Plugin

  4. Google Analytics for WordPress
    Google Analytics for WordPress Logo - WordPress Plugin
    One of the most missed features among website owners is the ability to add Google All Analytics to a blog. Now the special Google Analytics for WordPress plugin allows you to track your traffic, see where views are coming from and determine which are the most viewed posts on your blog.

    With their recent integration you will also be able to track WordPress site easily, they have even included productive features such as metadata, tracking outbound click data for each link, views per author & category + in-depth pageviews.

    Download Link – Google Analytics for WordPress – WordPress Plugin

  5. Jetpack by
    Jetpack by Logo - WordPress Plugin
    A plugin that enables you to access your account and use the features only available to the users (those who don’t download the CRM files and then upload them to a particular domain name).
    This plugin has really cool features like inbuilt stats, easy email subscriptions management, social media sharing options, automatic url shortner and lots more!

    Download link – Jetpack by

  6. Page Links To
    Page Links To Logo - WordPress Plugin
    This is a new plugin that allows a blogger to point post pages to any URL he chooses. It is an excellent plugin that allows you to create backlinks to your website thereby giving your website a better PageRank, and helping it list better on the search engines.

    Download Link – Page Links To – WordPress Plugin

  7. Pinterest Pinboard Widget
    Pinterest Pinboard Widget Logo - WordPress Plugin
    Pinterest is becoming all the rage so a lot of plugins are showing up but this plugin is the best of them all because it displays a variety of different pins that readers can use. This is an excellent way of integrating your Pinterest account with your blog posts and also of adding interesting design elements to your sidebar.

    Download Link – Pinterest Pinboard Widget

While these are some of the best WordPress Plugins for 2014, and many bloggers use several of these, they are not the “Best Problem Solvers” for every blogger out there. Upon doing a little research, you’ll find there are thousands and thousands of WordPress plugins available. The reason for the availability of so many plugins is because not everyone needs the same WordPress plugin, as not everyone has the same type of blog or purpose for their blog. With WordPress it’s all about customization and tweaking.

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