Tips to Kickstart your SEO Campaign for 2018

The first few months of an SEO campaign can be tricky – there are lots of tasks to be done and the most valuable strategies involve long term online marketing investment. But the question is how you can get some quick results to show to your clients that you are on the right path?

Below mentioned are the few things that you can easily do to kick start your SEO campaign in 2018. All the below mentioned ways will definitely work for you in 2018.

  • Basic on site optimization: Don’t skip this step. Simple and easy on site optimization worked wonders in 2013 and will continue to work in 2018 and likely in the coming years. There are many websites that have huge holes when it comes to basic on site optimization. Fix all these issues and you will see the increased rankings and organic traffic within few days. Check out the following. You must make sure that your main or basic keywords have dedicated pages and are being used in the following in some form:
  • in the page title
  • in the content or copy in a natural way
  • in one or more page headings

Some seem to think that this is an old school SEO and it doesn’t work. But it is deadly wrong.

  • Add more copy to key pages: Beef up those pages that are low on copy and are targeting important keywords. Add text that includes related keywords and synonyms but try to avoid redundancy.
  • Fix spammy titles: You would think these do not exist any more but they do on some sites abundantly. Spammy titles can hurt a well optimized site. The common culprits to look out are as follows:
  1. Keyword chains: If you need more than two symbols or punctuation marks or special characters like commas, pipes, dashes to separate the phrases in your title, you need to rethink it.
  2. Words repeated multiple times: If you use the same keyword over and over in your title then you will be labeled as a spammer. A good thumb rule is to make use of a singular word maximum two times and a multi word phrase once in a single title tag.
  • Find & remove useless pages: Don’t let Google to crawl more URL’s than it needs to. You can scan the site with the tools like Screaming Frog or deep crawl.

Make use of combination of no index, canonical, robots.txt, prev/ next tags directives to reduce the unnecessary crawled or indexed pages.Here is list of pages that you usually don’t need to get indexed:

  1. Category and tag pages
  2. Pages which only serve as a place holder for an image
  3. Pages without content
  4. Archive pages
  5. Pages that have duplicate content

A poor structure of site can result in Panda problems and indexation issues.

  • Find links to broken pages and redirect them: There are chances that it has pages that disappeared but still have the links pointing to them.
  • Make sure that the contact details on the website, match those present on Google + local page. If it differs from the details listed on the website, then you are shooting yourself in the foot of local rankings.

All the above tips will definitely help you to win in 2018. All these are the quick win tactics that you like to use again and again.

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