What is the Significance of Online Marketing in 2014

In the world of digital technology getting noticed is an important factor. It is something that new + existing businesses want to achieve in every possible aspect. Nowadays, it doesn’t really matter if the business is small or a large corporation, if they have a budget allocated for online marketing campaigns then it is pretty … Read more

Boost your Email Marketing Strategy with these Email Marketing Tools

Most of us go through tight budget when it comes to expensive digital marketing strategies, but technology is kind enough to provide small business owners to make use of strategies that fit into their budget. One of such strategies is ‘e-mail marketing’. Although we have mentioned it for small business, it doesn’t mean that no … Read more

Tips on How to get started with SEO

It’s easy to accept Search Engine Optimization as an industry where you simply don’t have to have human interaction. It’s a technical brain’s paradise, full of strategy and electronic behind the scenes know how. What many miss, is that a large part of gaining SEO value actually comes from forming good old human relationships: both … Read more

Top 10 Best Practices for Email Marketing

E-mail marketing can be an extremely money-making solution. It permits marketers to obtain speedy action, evaluate their outcomes, and improvise their marketing campaign performance, that too just by small investment. E-mail marketing is not spam, if employed successfully it can be valuable. It also endow you the chance to unite and fabricate belief with your … Read more

6 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Campaign

The efficiency of Email Marketing has always been a long-drawn debate amongst the SEO Personnel. Some of them think it as – “Oh! Email Marketing is certainly DEAD!” While the rest of the majority agrees to the fact that it still exists and can reap profitable results if done correctly. In our previous updates on … Read more

Online Marketing Strategies for Online Marketing Experts

You will find many companies as well as individuals who offer online marketing services. You may come across people who call them online marketing experts. Many people look for online marketing experts to promote their businesses. However, before hiring online marketing experts you need to know what they can do for you. Usually online experts … Read more

Planning Email Marketing Campaign Strategy with Care

A bit over five weeks ago I bought an item of software. The company’s email campaign convinced me that it was just what I wanted. It was. I’m very pleased with my purchase. The email also told me that the price was ‘never to be repeated’. That too was correct. At least it was literally … Read more

5 New Ways to Build an Efficient Email Marketing List

The power of email marketing is often misunderstood and is usually projected as a dead marketing tactic. But, for efficient online marketers, this is a powerful tool to expand their overall sectoral reach. The efficiency of email marketing lies in the potential to create new online sales opportunities. In traditional form of online marketing, or … Read more

Welcome to OnlineSocialMediaBlog.com

Hello Friend! Welcome to our brand new Online Social Media Blog We are so excited about the launch of this Social Media Blog and we look forward to provide you with the latest updates covering every Social Media aspect. The updates will be focusing primarily on the Online Social Media Insights, covering the ups and … Read more