Is Social Bookmarking Still Relevant in 2022?

As Digital Marketers – Social Bookmarking, web 2.0 Sites aren’t unknown to us. In fact, this is something that has been the very base of our digital marketing industry since the initial growth phase. In case you are still unaware, traditionally Bookmarking is the art of saving important notes, however, in the online world, it’s saving important web links.

For the Link Builders, this SEO activity is crucial because it forms a significant part of Off-Page SEO. There are a lot of techniques around bookmarking website links but the success rate depends upon the quality of the bookmarking website. Apart from Digital Marketers, normal web surfers also keep tabbing bookmarks in their browser and sometimes in separate websites that they can revisit later on. Thus these social bookmarking sites is kind of like a repository of user-specific links.

Do Websites Still Rank by Social Bookmarking Backlinks for SEO in 2022?

Hence, we come to the most important query of present times. Since bookmarking activity used to be an old activity most SEOs have dumped this technique thinking these don’t work anymore. However, the SEO benefits outweigh the ignorance! Bookmarking although everyone follows is less talked about or less discussed. As we have mentioned earlier, social bookmarking when done on the base link of a Tiered Link Building campaign works real wonders in helping a website rank higher in SERPs. The reason behind this is very simple, instead of building links directly to the landing page it helps crawlers and search engine bots to index bookmarking links.

In one line, if done correctly this Search Engine Optimization activity can be a fantastic helper in drip-feeding any links created from your digital marketing campaigns.

Let’s dig deeper into the Benefits of Social Bookmarking –

  • Drip Feeding Links to Natural Indexing – Building too many links in a short time span will land your website in sandboxing zone or even worse. Not all situations are the same and there are times when the Client can get demanding. Bookmarking sites helps in that zone where links are crawled at their own pace as per the website’s crawl rate reducing risk of link spam.
  • Search Engines bots continuously crawl such websites! Why? – In spite of what is circulated, major bots keep crawling such websites in very high frequency. The only reason is even they realize that it’s not possible to go out and find newly launched websites every now and then! Through these websites, bots have quicker access time with reduced latency.
  • Bookmarks are Lighthouses of Easy Authority Signals – Not all Bookmarking websites are maintained properly and daily curated to remove spammy links. Our List of websites does exactly that and all webmasters in our list are particular about quality. As a caveat, if you are submitting an already spammed website your submission might even get discarded. Such websites are the powerhouses of high authority signals for ranking factors.
  • Deep Tagging helps increase in Co-Citations across the Web – Even if you are not submitting your links in any website by just mentioning the branded anchor texts of your website as keywords does wonders. As you are aware backlinks are better when they are naked or through latent semantic keywords (LSI) types. It’s more important in 2020 to be submitting for non-generic keywords to help gain fast co-citations across the web.
  • Ofcourse Backlinks – that goes without saying! – Mentioning this in the end cause this is something which is an obvious SEO result. Depending upon the shareability backlinks are generated as fast as they are crawled.

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