[Official Code] Display Last Updated Date Tag in GeneratePress Theme

Hello Blogger, are you searching for the Exact Official Code that will start displaying the Last Updated or Last Modified Date Tag in your GeneratePress WordPress Theme? Are you worried because the WordPress post date is not showing for the blog posts? Then you have come to the right blog post. Displaying the Date Tag in any WordPress theme has now become a trend in our Blogging world! Although it hardly makes a difference, it has grown into a fascination in our Blogging community.

Just like you, we were desperately searching for this Solution for our WordPress Blogposts on How to Show Published Post Date along with the Last Updated Tag on all our Blog Posts at OnlineSocialMediaBlog.com

So let us quickly learn how to Add Last Modified Date Code

  • Show the Last Updated or Last Modified tag in your WordPress website
  • Where to Add the Code in your GeneratePress theme
  • Can this Last Modified Date Tag be Implemented through a WordPress Plugin?
  • SEO Impact of displaying this Date Snippet
  • Disadvantages of Adding the Last Updated Date Tag

Why Showing Last Updated or Last Modified Date Tag in GeneratePress Theme is a Good Idea!

The answer to this is in the layout of a Website’s Listing in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). When a Visitor performs a Search Query a number of results populate on the 1st page. Out of them, the usual behavior of a Visitor is to click on the Most Recent Post. Because in our mind –

Most Recent Date = This Link Must Contain the Latest Information

This crucial information gets conveyed through the tiny Date Snippet appearing on the Left (marked in Red) in this screenshot for our own domain:

screenshot of last updated date tag in generatepress theme in OnlineSocialMediaBlog.com

This invites the Visitor to Click and read the Webpage Content presented in the Link.

Enable the Post Date Tag by Copy Pasting this WordPress Shortcode

We are going to implement the Code you will require to start displaying the Last Modified or Last Updated Date Snippet however on other websites you can find other solutions that will require installation of WordPress plugins and unofficial coding – which simply do not work!

So, here is the Step by Step Process for Showing Last Modified Date in your WordPress Theme:

  1. Goto Appearance > Theme File Editor
  2. Click on assets > css
  3. Scroll down and Click to Open main.min.css
  4. Scroll to the Bottom and Copy Paste the following Date Snippet –

  5. .posted-on .updated {display: inline-block;}
    .posted-on .updated + .entry-date {display: none;}

  6. Next comes the main part where You can Customize the Text as per your Choice –

  7. .posted-on .updated:before {content: "Last Updated ";}

  8. Click on Update File button to Save the File.

Congratulations! You have now Enabled the Date Tag Snippet Successfully. For once, Just cross-check, your main.min.css theme file should be similar to our GeneratePress CSS theme file screenshot –

adding date snippet in main.min.css inside generate press theme file

Can I Install a WordPress Plugin to Display the Last Updated Date Tag?

At the time of updating this post with the latest WordPress Date Tag information, a quick search in https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/last+modified/ shows 30+ WP Plugins – that promise to resolve this through a coding solution. Since we haven’t installed or checked any of the Plugins we won’t be able to recommend any. However, since we are sharing the Official Generate Press Date Tag code you do not need to install and increase your website’s load time.

Will You Notice any On-Page SEO Impact on Your Posts for Displaying the Last Updated Date Snippet along with Published Date Tag?

Although this technique falls under On-Page SEO category the results are really fantastic. The real beneficial impact are as follows:

  • Have this Last Updated Snippet Enabled for your Blog Posts means better Click Through Rate(CTR)
  • More CTR means higher organic search traffic
  • If your Blog Post is Solving a Problem, like ours, then Audience Retention on your Blog Post will increase
  • That’s all that it takes to Rank higher in Search Engines, nowadays in 2022.

Is There Any Disadvantages for Adding the Last Modified Code?

Anything overused in the world of SEO starts attracting penalization. If you have been in this digital marketing industry you will remember how Google Panda, Penguin updates practically ruined several Businesses. Major Search Engines have started taking note of these small coding changes cause nowadays these have become the new SEO Standard of 2022. When every other competitor starts implementing this you too are forced to update.

Does Implementing this Recent Update Code Snippet in Generate Press Theme, Guarantee Higher CTR?

Unfortunately No! As you might have noticed, these changes are purely done in the internal coding of Generate Press theme. So whatever changes you make in the internal WordPress theme files for displaying the Last Updated or Last Modified snippet, it entirely depends upon Google. If this change gets acknowledged then the tag will be enabled for your domain. For some of our Blog Readers, it took time to start reflecting on their blog posts.

Is GeneratePress Theme Compatible with Last Modified Date Code?

The Date Code that we have mentioned in this Blog Post has been adopted after a lot of research in Generate Press forums. It is Valid and a Working Snippet. As a matter of Verification, we are using this same Last Updated / Modified code on our own website. However, feel free to check this Official Link → https://docs.generatepress.com/article/show-the-updated-post-date/

Don’t Agree with what We Say? Feel Free to Comment Your Thoughts below.

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