Top SEO Strategies will Work for Your Website in 2015

As SEO Experts we all know that the world of Search Engine Optimization is always Evolving. What used to work earlier has either changed or isn’t working anymore in this current year of 2015. For example: Earlier submitting your Links to Directory based sites used to work wonders but if you do that now then you are comparatively finished! Directory sites usually attract lot of SPAM users who have only one intention of earning low quality backlinks.

So as Link Building professionals what can we do to Help our Clients?
The answer is pretty simple – Always Go “with” the SEO Trends!

It might sound a bit weird as to what we mean by the “SEO Trends” but chances are that you will be on the safe side if you follow the common tasks done by others in the SEO industry. Before you proceed to the List of working Search Engine Optimization Strategies you must keep in mind that Google has changed a lot of it’s Algorithm rules. So DO NOT Panic and just read through our posts.

Best SEO Strategies that (Actually) Works in 2015

So let’s get started! The strategies have been discussed one after the other. However you can work with these in any order as you wish to. Getting good and high quality backlinks should be the main objective in SEO.

1. Change Your Website’s Ugly URL Structure to SEO-Friendly URLs

It has been observed that website’s with proper URL structure tend to rank higher in search engine results pages. Reason being proper, well-maintained urls give the user(visitor) information about where he/she will be going.

Example of Ugly URL Structure:
The problem with this type is the Visitor can’t make out what the page is all about without visiting the actual page.

Example of Perfect URL Structure: OR
This is the Best type because it tells the user before hand what the page will be about.

NOTE: If You decide to change the website’s existing URL structure be sure to 301 redirect the old ones to the new ones successfully otherwise it will lead to disastrous results.

2. Optimize Your Content for more Growth in Long Tail keywords

The Hummingbird Update introduced by Google was a serious game-changer in our Search Engine Optimization world. We know that previously Google used to match up & relate each keyword as a separate entity while displaying it’s search results page, that has changed quite a bit as it can now identify the user’s intent behind the actual search.

Let’s not forget the importance of Keywords in SEO! Ofcourse they are IMPORTANT!! You just need to expand your search words so that you can fish in more organic search terms. To start, you can think about the various combinations that can help the user get more information about the topic you are targeting.

Example: If someone targets Social Bookmarking Sites as the search keyword then its time to target top 20 social bookmarking sites 2016 for a landing page such as

NOTE: Whenever there scope try to target long tail search phrases.

3. Build Links that are Actually Necessary!

Long gone are the days when you could just hit up a link with thousands of spam backlinks and expect it to rank in the Top 10 search results. Now either build backlinks that actually count or cleanup your spammed portfolio. Google has become very serious about what kinds of links point to your target site.

You can venture into the prevailing tactics of Editorial Guest Posts, Broken Link Building but for small business owners you might wanna consider reading more about the techniques mentioned here – New Link Building Strategies to Boost Your SEO Rankings.

NOTE: Always consult your link building expert before conducting any techniques you read about all over the internet.

4. Venturing into HTTPS protocol for Your Website

On 6th August, 2014 the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog made an announcement – HTTPS as a Ranking Signal. While the enter SEOsphere went haywire, we at found it quite worthwhile for Google to release such an update.

Like, Google most online websites need to think about providing a tight security to it’s users. However, availing SSL services is not an easy affair both from the financial side as well as from the integration point of view. Not all Businesses can afford to upgrade to HTTPS feature even if they want to.

NOTE: As of now, Google has stated that HTTPS is only a light-weight signal which is currently affecting fewer than 1% of global queries.

5. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Search

Last but not the least, how could we forget the most important update of all times – Mobile Friendly Search Update! Its finally here and it is a warning sign for all the online sites. If you don’t upgrade your user’s mobile experience before April 21st, 2015 your website might get penalized in Google Mobile.

Note: In order to check your site’s mobile usability visit –

So that concludes our post on Search Engine Optimization Strategies that work in 2015 🙂 Be sure to comment below if you have anything to say and keep loving us!

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