Recent Online Marketing Trends 2012

Modern Online Marketing is all about the consumer, it revolves around the customer. It is an old and universally accepted concept that the “Consumer is the King”. Consumers are treated as eye-balls of all the major companies of the world. Each and every online customer is a person who has varied aspects and unique interests, needs, attributes, preference, issues and opportunities.

In the traditional marketing concept the main aim was making one-time sales to the customer, this approach was known as transactional approach of marketing but the recent approach in marketing is to create long term commitment and relationship with the customer.

This approach of building long term relationship with the customers from the basic point of promoting and selling products is the latest trend in digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing versus Relationship Marketing

This basically gives more stress towards an online marketing retention-relationship focus. This means the organization gives more stress on keeping (retaining) old customers rather than acquiring new customers from online resources. This concept assumes that the online consumers prefer to have ongoing relationships with one brand or organization rather than switching over and to a new brand or organization. This concept also assumes that retention of old customers is cheaper than the transactions involved in acquiring new customers. Online Marketing companies nowadays do a lot of research to find out about new, potential customers but do not forget to satisfy old customers overtime.

Questions to ask while building Online Marketing relationship

In order to satisfy customers in the long term and to retain relationship with the customers over a long period of time, the digital marketing company should equip itself with the knowledge of the customers. The questions to be answered in this online marketing process maybe the following –

  • What does the customer look for while buying a particular category of product?
  • Who are the competitors in the market? And what are their strengths?
  • Whether customer gives importance to the product or the producer of the product?

The evolution of relationship marketing over time has been formed into a new trend of accommodating New versus Old customers in an online business organization’s customer portfolio.

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