Key Social Media Marketing Elements that are Important for Success

Social marketing means much more than just counting the likes, number of followers, fans, or even the retweets or shares. This is because these may not necessarily correlate with your business sales and development. The fans who share your post may not actually be influencers who would in turn impact your sales.

9 Key Elements that Decide “Success” For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

This is why we have given below a list of 9 key elements to look for while doing social marketing. These indicate the social metrics which are really worth monitoring by business people.

1. Checking Out The Facebook Engagement Ratio
There is no point in calculating only your “Likes.” Rather, you need to look at the metric known as the “Facebook Engagement Ratio.” This will be the number of people talking about you which is then divided by the number of likes that you have. This will be a much better measure of engagement for your business and can be tracked on a weekly basis.

2. Analyzing the Metrics You Need To Measure
You need to know what you need to track in the first place. So you can have a analytic tool to track three scores on your social media sites. These scores would include reach, engagement as well as influence. Reach comes from the number of page views and indicates how many people were exposed to your content. Engagement refers to the active time spent on your pages per visit. Influence refers to the action taken on your content through shares and subscribers. All this will help you to map a way to reach your brand’s goals.

3. Do Not Get Confused With Your Influencers’ Metrics
Metrics just refer to certain segments of your data. But with social media you are building relationships with individuals. So you should not confuse the two issues here. You need to build real relationships and then use your metrics to see how you are managing with the masses.

4. Emphasis on Your Virality
Just measuring social metrics such as “likes” on your Facebook post will not help. You need to measure “virality” which is a measure of the percentage of people who take your post still further by creating stories out of it. So rather than receiving a lot of likes, it is better to get virality. This can happen only when you are able to connect with your fans and excite them.

5. Take Steps to Ensure Recurring Engagement
Just having a social media fan is not enough. That person needs to consistently share, like or tweet your content. This is the real measure of the number of fans.

6. There is more to social media marketing than just Metrics
Here you need to measure the increase in sales or traffic to your site due to a tweet by your follower in Twitter. Or anything new that the social media community teaches us that we were not aware of earlier. All this indicates that social media metrics do not always tell the full story of the progress being made online.

7. It Is All About Conversions 
All that matters is the number of conversions you are getting. It does not matter how many fans you have, but how many of these are your customers. Business is not just about being popular, but about sales and development.

8. Continue With Content Distribution
The focus has to be on scaling your content in such a way that it is able to reach both small as well as large influencers. The goal here is to build relationships. This would require spreading relevant content matching with the specific interests of a person. This is not very easy, as it requires a one-to-one approach. It requires investment of time and can be extremely difficult to build. But once you do achieve this goal, you would be able to become a source of interesting, useful and insightful content.

9. Building Relationships
Social influence is all about building relationships. But the strategies here should not focus solely on increasing your likes or follows. After all, these do not do much in brand building. This is why brands have to focus on developing one-on-one relationships with their followers.

Detailed above are the 9 key elements to look for while doing social marketing. But this list is not exhaustive. There are new social media platforms coming out and all these have to be tapped in order to ensure the sustainability of your business.

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