Instagram Analytics will provide in-depth Insights to Business Profiles

New Instagram Analytics has started showing up for some Instagram Business Profiles. Once Instagram Insights goes live across all social accounts it will be easier to view the user data. As we all know, Social media has become a viable platform for digital marketing. It seems like the developers of Instagram have realized how popular such a trend could gradually grow and become more useful in areas like digital marketing data. The overhaul of Instagram is to introduce business profiles and analytics into the popular application. The analytics will provide information regarding the marketer’s posts, likes, and followers, allowing them to keep a keener eye on things.

The news received from a spokesperson for Instagram claimed that the function is currently being tested and that a platform-wide rollout would be released in a couple of months. There are going to be three new profile features included under the new option of ‘Business profiles’. This business profile option in the application is mainly for promotional and publicity-related purposes. A new contact button will be added, along with a linkable location tag, and a category for the concerned Instagram profile.

The new ‘contact’ button is going to be very similar to the ‘contact us’ tab found on most web pages, providing details like the address, email, and phone number. The analytics tool installed on Instagram will be known as ‘insights’, and will be mainly focus on the kind and amount of followers in addition to details on post-interaction. This will in turn allow businesses to effectively determine their target audiences so they can better focus their efforts. Account managers will have access to new followers, viral content as well as conversion rates. This will ultimately help one decide which posts convert Instagram users into customers.

It looks like Instagram will be getting a more official presence, making it a more secure and desirable platform to conduct business and business-related activities like digital marketing. Visits, reach, website clicks and other follower activity will be available for tracking. Last but not the least, is the new and updated “Follower Activity” portion which will enable brand managers to have complete access to view the exact time at which their posts are liked or shared. Like Facebook, Instagram in now moving ahead and into the vast expanse of advertising, publicity, and digital marketing.

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