Importance of Social Media for Business – Case Study

Moving from traditional marketing channels to digital marketing does not remain as an earlier adopter approach. In fact in many cases digital marketing has become essential and it is no more a choice. Online Business at the end of the day need to get out of their bubble and increase the outreach as much as they can and in order to earn more targeted audience that eventually bring them revenue social media is one of the most powerful channel where business should invest.

Social Media is an earned medium where you create value to earn audience’s trust instead of hard sale. In fact when investing on social media one should clearly define the clear and real KPIs or else there are more chances of a campaign to go fail. Social Media campaign should be major as how much audience you received through your campaign instead of how many means or conversions comes from the campaign.

Here is the case study of American Express India who recently did a Facebook marketing campaign with the name ‘Celebrate Travel’.

importance of social mediaObjective of Social Media Case Study:

To create the awareness of brand’s new product that was the new American Express Kingfisher First Credit Card.

Campaign: The campaign was comprised of a photo contest as well as conversations and tips about travel and photography.

Research on Social Media Campaign:

In order to make the campaign successful company executed following researches which are listed below:

  • Conducting research and developing insights on social media and sharing
  • Researching and understanding social behavior on India’s largest social networking platform
  • Researching the kind of applications that are popular and easy to use

Campaign duration: 4 Weeks.

Social Media Campaign Performance:

The Celebrate Travel campaign broke different records in the first week of activity. It proved to be one of the stickiest campaigns, with 50% of all fans actually having conversations around the brand.

Here are some other stats:

Campaign Participants 494
Pictures Uploaded 882
Photos received 73101
Contest Reach 3296229
Number of fans reached 40358
People talking about 23357

This social media marketing campaign allows American Express a platform to extend its conversations and brand engagement with the Indian social media audience through digital platform. This unique social media experience gave a huge boost to its existing Facebook fan base, engaged fans and generated interest in the American Express brand.

What to Learn from this Social Media Marketing Case Study

Case study contains a great lesson for different business. And number of lesson can be defined as:

  • Social Media is an earn medium where you can win audience trust to build brand awareness and credibility among the targeted audience.
  • Social Media is about building a community of target audience which further can help you in multiple ways of revenue generation (that can includes hard sale).
  • Business should invest in social media to engage target audience with the brand and this will create the positive word of mouth among the customers.

Last but not the least

  • Proper targets should be defined at an initial stage or else the whole campaign will lead to fail.

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