How to Spice up your Blog with Social Media Plugins

Social Media has become an important factor in our life. Every business needs or uses social media services to spread their business activities. Social media is the second biggest source of traffic after the search engines. There are so many social media available and it is really difficult to incorporate with different platforms individually in to your blog but WordPress plugins makes your job simple by providing numerous social media platforms right on your blog.

Using Social media Plugins, you can easily increase social media traffic to your Blog, it also encourages every visitor to share your content with their followers and friends. To attain Good traffic you must implement the best social media plugins.

In this post I would like to present you some best social media plugins for WordPress Blogs. These are the Top Best Social media Plugins used to increase traffic to your Blog.

Sociable – Popular Social Media Sharing Plugin

sociable WordPress pluginIt is one of the most popular social media Plugin. I used to put buttons to various lists of social bookmarking sites for your every single posts, this makes the users to easily submit, vote or share your posts.

This plugin is designed on users choice, that is you can select the buttons of your choice.

Download Link for Sociable –

Digg Digg – The Floating Share Bar

This is a great plugin to use. Digg Digg sharing bar is one of the most important thing for Digg Digg - The Floating Share Baryour blog, here you can get the social media sharing icon in a most convenient way. It is a free Plugin which is known to generate a good amount of traffic to your Blog in a short period of time.

Download Link for Digg Digg –

ShareThis – Share Buttons and Sharing Analytics

Share This WordPress PluginShare This is another fantastic plugin like Sociable which allows to choose your targeted website. Your readers can vote, submit on your posts.

You can also change or customize the buttons of your choice and the most added advantage is, it provides Tracking reports.

Download Link for ShareThis –

AddToAny – Share Buttons by Lockerz

AddToAny WordPress PluginAddToAny is a well-known WordPress plugin that allows you to share your post through email and also provide bookmarking facilities.

Using the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Google+, Delicious and much more. You can customize these plugin easily.

Download Link for AddToAny –

FaceBook Like Box

Facebook Like Box WordPress PluginThis Plugin is used to get likes to your site from your website visitors by just installing the Facebook like box tool. This attracts many visitors to like your page which in turn results in good page rank. You can also ask your visitors to download this like box of your page in their website, by this way you eventually get more and more traffic which converts your visitors in to fans

Download Link for Facebook Like Box –

NotableNotable WordPress Plugin

This Plugin is very mush similar to Sociable Plugin where it is used to put buttons on various bookmarking sites. It sounds simple yet an effective Plugin to use

Download Link for Notable –


Sharebar WordPress PluginSharebar is an free Plugin which has a reliable box with click button and sharing options, This Plugin has both vertical as well as horizontal Sharebar so that you can fix it according to your Blog Design

Sharebar adds a dynamic and fully customizable vertical box to the left of a blog post that contains links/buttons to popular social networking sites. It provides you auto mode facility.

Download Link for Sharebar –

Follow Me PluginFollow Me WordPress Plugin

Follow me Plugin is a great bookmarking Plugin , the feature is very simple . It allows the users to display their social media profile by a click of a button , by this way people can easily follow you . It is very simple and easy to handle.

Download Link for Follow Me Plugin –

GetSocial WordPress PluginGetSocial

GetSocial is a great Plugin to use , since it can be implemented in many browsers. This Plugin looks very simple with a light social media sharing box on the Blog.

It is usually placed at the bottom of the page and it no where disturbs the users in loading the page.

Download Link for GetSocial –

Social MetricsSocial Metrics WordPress Plugin

This Plugin is used to analyze the performance of your blog on various social networking websites , using this you can view the result of your post on popular social networks. In simple words it is Social Media Analytics tool.

Download Link for Social Metrics –

These are the best Plugins to use but I don’t say everything will suit to your Blogs, it depends upon your Blog criteria so choose the best among these plugins and utilize them to increase your traffic rate.

Good Luck!

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