How to Search on Facebook

Facebook is pretty much the most popular social networking site on the planet. It is the most popular social media on the Web today. With millions of people using it it has become the best way to locate old friends with whom one may have lost contact. Here, are some ways for searching on Facebook.

Professional Searching on Facebook

  • Find a phone number: Use Facebook to find a phone number. While many do not know this Facebook also allows people to have a personalized phone-book to store ones contacts.
  • Facebook suggestions: The right margin on one’s homepage has a frame that often suggests people who may be ones potential friends.
  • Search Facebook networks: One may find people within one’s own network, by using the dropdown menu, for example, ones school or workplace network.
  • Facebook Friends page: The “Friends” page on Facebook lets you find people by their e-mail id. You may also add people from your “Instant Messenger” list.

Gathering information to search on Facebook

You can simply search for items that you would like to know about and join groups or like pages that pop up as the search results.

  1. You Friend’s Friends: Go to a friend’s profile and see all of their friends. In this way everybody might just find a long lost common friend.
  2. Search Facebook profiles: You may search for people by the network they belong to, for example, by their school or company name. You can also use Facebook to gather customers or clients for your business. There are a number of ways to do this. If you can provide an essay writing help make a special group or just post an announcement and in a short time you will have many clients.
searching on facebook

Filter the Facebook results for better Search

Use Facebook to find a phone number. Did you know that you can use Facebook and create your own personalized phone-book? You may have customized directory with all of your family, friends and acquaintances inside. By the way, you can also narrow search results down to people, pages, groups, events, etc. to find who you are looking for.

Search for two things at once Facebook, as it also allows people searching for two keywords at once by using ‘|’ to separate them. For example, one could look for Smith and Football by typing “Smith | football” in the search bar.

Listening to people and prospecting

One can search for terms related to ones business and filter it through the “posts by everyone” category to see if people are talking or questioning about ones products. This may lead you to write an article or blog to answer such questions. Moreover, you could also listen to what these people are saying about your product and just gather suggestions people may have or take into account their complaints.

In fact, depending on the situation, you can come across as a helpful, with a gesture to message these people to answer their query. You could send them a link as a source of information, who knows, this gesture might just create a new customer for you company.

  • Building one network and collaborating

You could add people talking about your search item, as friends, or communicate with them in formal ways and, thus, build a network on Facebook. Collaborate with a search of words that relate to your industry or the industries that complement it.

  • Finding guest bloggers by searching on Facebook

If you have a blog that you would like people to write on, just try to find writers through Facebook. Ask people who are talking about your item if they want to write for you. You could also search pages related to people interested in writing to find those who might be interested in guest blogging.

  • Keep Track of the competition

You may also search items related to other businesses, so as to find out people’s views about them.

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