How to Market Your Brand on LinkedIn Professional Network

LinkedIn is the social network which comes doused with a bit of a scare-factor. While most of us will be familiar with Twitter and Facebook as places that inspire fun, care-free social interaction, LinkedIn appears to be the social network platform equivalent of Alan Sugar’s boardroom. It seems cold, serious and extremely professional.

Branding your Marketing Concept on LinkedIn

In some ways this is true. LinkedIn originally marketed itself as the network for professionals and for businesses. The kind of content that’s posted there (on the whole) is more mature and less cavalier. The reason for this is that people are using it as a networking tool, or a direct platform for business opportunity, as opposed to a somewhere where they can pitch in on the latest internet meme and connect with their audience. Perhaps then, it’s best to summarize LinkedIn as a social network intended for B2B (business to business) communications, as opposed to B2C (business to customer).
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With this in mind, you should try your best to fit in and adhere to the hidden etiquette that lies within LinkedIn.

Do(s) in Branding Strategy for LinkedIn

  • Use LinkedIn to talk about your biggest achievements – either as a business, or personally. You could enter landmark achievements in your company’s time line, such as the takeover of another firm, or big product release. This informs your customer about your past achievements and makes them more likely to partner with you, contact you, or refer your services
  • Continue to post your latest newsletters, corporate company news and press releases. LinkedIn marketing opportunities lie in your ability to tell people what you are doing currently and what’s coming next
  • Fill out your LinkedIn profile in full. The network exists as a kind of living CV, so you should tell your audience as much as you can about yourself and your company. This includes getting your employees to register their profiles at your firm, filling in a profile picture and adding contact details. You never know when someone might be looking for you. The network’s popularity means the chances are they’ll search for you on LinkedIn at some point – possibly even straight away

Don’t(s) for marketing your Brand in LinkedIn

  • Post discussions or content of a sensitive, defamatory or otherwise questionable manner. With the amount of socially embedded tools around the web, it’s easy to post to the wrong network if you want to share something which you don’t’ really want on your ‘professional record’ lets say
  • Fail to respond to network activity on LinkedIn. If someone wants to link with you, or asks you a question, don’t miss your opportunity to engage with them and build your network
  • Now that you’ve gone to all the hard work of setting up your network, you shouldn’t forget to link your other media sites to it. What’s the point of going to these great efforts if you don’t maximize your exposure to as many others as possible. You might even be responsible for others joining LinkedIn; all just so they can connect with you!

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