How to manage your Google Adwords PPC Campaign

Managing your Google pay-per-click campaigns can be a strenuous and sometimes seemingly impossible task. This guide will hopefully give you all the key facts you need to exploit your account success.

The basics of Google AdWords PPC Campaign

  • Search query reports – Check what the search terms are of your key words. A roofing client of ours had the key word ‘new roof’ but was plagued by searches for ‘new car roof’.
  • Add negative keywordsWhen you’ve identified the irrelevant searches triggering your ads, add negative keywords, eliminating the irrelevant traffic and increasing conversion rates. It will also benefit your click through rate (CTR) and decrease costs-per-click (CPC).
  • Split test new ads – Imagine, your keywords are in a high position, but they aren’t attracting the clicks you’d like. This could be down to ad copy. Come up with new Unique Selling Propositions. Think about what niches your brand can provide and capitalize on them.
  • Edit your keyword bids – Filter your ad groups so Google AdWords shows the keywords with a low CTR and check the position. Getting your ads into the top 3 and keeping them there is priority, so if they fall outside, increase your keyword bid. Remember to check back that this increase spending is working to your advantage.

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Fine Tuning your Google AdWords PPC Campaign

  1. Dimensions – This is an extremely effective aspect of Google AdWords, but unfortunately is far too underused. It gives you the ability to see when and where your ads work best.
  2. AdWords Ad extensions – Providing links and extensions, whether it is a phone extension or to another aspect of your website, is another fantastic way to target users.
  3. Automated rules – If and when your CTR drops below a certain level, AdWords will attempt to increase your keywords bid. Google are also providing this, but have not yet quite hit the mark.
  4. Quality score – If your keywords are converting well, the quality score shouldn’t really matter, even though many businesses look at it first, however do check when quality score levels go under “3”.
  5. Segment by Ad Network – It looks great to see your ads on the search networks and being accessed by mobile users, but if they are not converting it can be an expensive issue. Turning them off and checking them with your Apple iPhone or Android will help to save money

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