How to Make your WordPress Blog SEO-Friendly Using Plugins

You’re blogging with WordPress and you want to make sure your quality content is easily visible on search engines. If you want to grow your business or make money from your blogging efforts, you will need to make sure your blog is search-engine friendly. Luckily, because you are blogging with WordPress, you have access to plugins, which will help you tremendously with your SEO efforts.

The ultimate solution for making your WordPress blogs SEO friendly is to improve your blog speed and social media signals. With that said, there are great plugins in WordPress that will help you to accomplish just that:

Easy WP SEO Plugin

If you want to gain control of your on-page SEO activities for your blog, consider the Easy WP SEO Plugin. You can optimize either a page or a post with your targeted keywords, as it identifies 23 SEO factors. We like that this plugin generates SEO scores, which range anywhere from 0 to 100.

SEO Smart Links Plugin

We really like the SEO Smart Links Plugin because it can help you connect all your content, pages and categories for SEO optimization. The SEO Smart Links Plugin can do a number of things for you, including driving targeted backlinks to the landing pages of your blog through the use of SEO optimized anchors. This plugin can also be easily customized when considering the number of links the plugin should convert on each page, and it can also eliminate automatic linking by ignoring URL type that is specified by you.

SexyBookmarks Plugin

If you understand the importance of social media signals when it comes to your website rankings, then you clearly understand the importance of the SexyBookmarks Plugin. This cool plugin will allow you to show the icons for all the largest social media websites on all your blog posts and web pages. Having these icons appear beside your content is fantastic because it will encourage readers to share this content with their contacts on everything from Facebook to Twitter.

using plugins to make your WordPress blog SEO-Friendly
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WP Super Cache Plugin

Here is a great way to create static HTML pages so your server can send the files to your blog readers to accommodate their requests. Because servers are able to process static HTML pages quickly, you can expect that your readers will enjoy faster loading. And, because Google considers website speed as one of its ranking factors, it behooves you to have a fast-loading WordPress blog. The WP Super Cache Plugin is a great way to gain that competitive edge you’ve been searching for.

WP Plugin

The WP Plugin is another great way to gain better speed on your blogs and make your WordPress blog is more SEO friendly. This plugin will, in particular, reduce the size of the images on your blog. We like this plugin because it reduces the size of your images without any assistance on your part. If you want to optimize the images on your blog then it pays to use WP Plugin.

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