How to Increase Domain Authority in 2020

Domain Authority(DA) is a website metric developed by Moz. In the present SEO scenario of 2020, Domain Authority is still the most important SEO metric that is used for representing a website’s strength and online authority. In order words, it gives a fair rating as to how competitive the website is in order to rank in the SERPs (Search Engines Results Pages).

With this new seo tool, SEO Professionals, link builders have started shifting their focus towards how they can increase a website’s Domain Authority. However before we guide you to the best ways to improve domain authority let us understand the term.

What is Domain Authority?

As represented by Moz, the metric of Domain Authority ranges from 0-100 on a logarithmic scale. DA basically helps predicting a domain’s ranking strength in the search results. Unlike Google PageRank which used rely on prehistoric seo metrics, DA gives a more realistic value by including other relevant factors like social signals, Moz Rank, linking root domains as well as total backlink profile. All of these metrics are then aggregated on a comparative value to provide a Domain Authority Score.

So higher the DA of your website = more traffic + search engine exposure!

At the time of updating this post, Online Social Media Blog‘s DA stands at 24 points.

It is important to remember that Domain Authority and Page Authority are completely two different terms. While domain authority helps you with ranking of a complete site, as a whole; page authority is basically the score of a particular webpage. While domain authority is relatively constant, page authority is flexible and often changes across sub-domains. So in this post, we will discuss some of the easy ways through which you can improve the domain authority score of your website.

Here’s how to increase Domain Authority of your Website in 2020

First up, we need to have strategically efficient Deep Linking! Most of us have an idea that Google automatically crawls inner pages and gives value to them. I personally believe that’s nothing but SEO Myth. Google’s spiders need to be updated and directed regarding the value of a site’s inner pages.

diagram of domain authority for websites By building links to the inner pages, you’re actually telling search engine bots to increase the gravity of those individual pages. Here I must mention that there are 2 ways to actually do this!

  1. Linking from within same domain pages [Internal Links]
  2. Linking from other external domains [Inbound Links]

Linking from within happens when you place same domain links inside a page that has already achieved a good value in the search engines. Whereas, linking from other external domains signifies that you can submit your pages to other outbound link giving sites. We should focus on deep linking to individual pages of our website.

Give importance to each and every page in your website. While creating backlinks to those inner pages try to use a lot of keywords that are targeting that particular post as a whole. After Google Penguin Attack the problem in Search Engine Optimization is related to the Anchor Texts. If you’re following my regular updates then you already know what I am talking about! 😉 Anchor Texts form a crucial part now in the segment of Link Building.

Diversifying Backlinks to Increase Value of Internal Pages of Your Domain

No matter what happens, Backlinks still has a long way to go! Although a lot has changed from the previous scenario of backlink-centric approach. It still forms an important part in determining the SEO success ratio. Having backlinks from a variety of sources(domains) is always preferable than receiving majority backlinks from a single source(domain).

When we are talking about increasing our website’s relative domain authority we must keep in mind that we are going to focus on good quality backlinks that can be processed from multiple authenticated sources. I found most budding link builders prefer dofollow blog commenting. Ofcourse it has its own set of advantages but the point is Is it going to help me in the long run? The answer is Absolutely NOT!

Creating low quality content backlinks from low quality, spammed out blogs can in turn attract negative link value for your site! Search Engines love diversity. The more links you get from natural sources the more credit your site gets. To get started, you can go for different domains like – com, .net, .org, .info and lots more!

So at the end of this session, keep in mind that the number of links coming from sites with higher domain authority is as important as the domain sites’ quality. Creating links from spammy sites will eventually attract Google Penguin Penalty and slash down the current ranking positions.

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  1. The tips you have given here, is totally awesome. I totally agree with you. If you publish your guest post on relevant, higher authority website and if they reward you a do follow link, then it can help you to increase domain authority of your blog.


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