How to Improve Conversion Rate

Improving the conversion rate is the most important factor that determines the success for an online business. The conversion rate depends on some critical elements. In this post we are gonna read how to improve conversion rate.

What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate is a simple measure of the number of potential buyers (customers) that make a purchase. Many webmasters concentrate more on increasing the conversion rate but in turn forget about the important elements which can eliminate the prospective visitors.

Designing a website from the SEO point-of-view as specific advantages. In the post on Essential Landing Page Optimization Tips we discussed how to optimize  the landing pages efficiently. Once the landing pages are in place the webmaster can start the online campaigns. The main objective behind these campaigns should be to bring a huge effect on the overall conversion rate and improve the site’s revenue bottom line at minimum expenditure.

Let’s see how we can improve conversion rate:

  1. Making the Website Design more User-Friendly: The more difficult it is for the user to navigate around the website, the lesser will be the sales numbers. Website designers tend to look only at Internet Explorer and often ignore other Browsers. Managing Broken Links is also a crucial part of the overall web experience.
  2. Open Up to the Users: Hiding crucial details like Out Of Stock situations can really annoy potential customers. Imagine a situation where you have added a particular product in your Cart and suddenly when you checkout you find that its unavailable or out-of-stock! The same scenario arises in case of prices. When the customer is asked to pay more for shipping and other minor transactions.
  3. Don’t waste time in the Customer Information Sheet: One of the biggest drawbacks that I have seen in several sites is that they ask for too much information. Even if you want to collect more consumer data, keep (*) Astrix marks over mandatory fields.
  4. State your Returns Policy: When purchasing a particular product each and every customer looks for the What-if page! It will state all your refund policies, returns policy, etc. These pages are usually kept to assist the consumer into building faith for the online store.
  5. Diversified Payment Options: Not everybody has a credit card! So what happens to them? You should include all kinds of payment options to attract several segments of consumers. When one segment doesn’t work then the client will  be updated with another segment. That’s why it gets so cool! 🙂
  6. Knowing the Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Your USP is what sets you apart from the existing competitors in the market. A very true fact – If a visitor goes to several sites looking for a particular product, then after visiting your site why would he decide to buy from you instead of somewhere else?

People do tend to think of conversion rates in very inorganic ways. The reality is that they depend entirely upon people, perceptions and fairly intangible concepts. Improving the Conversion Rate is not an instant job! It takes time to work it out.. the main part of all this lies in the quality of research on those particular products.

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