How to Fix Your Online Marketing Campaign for 2014

Something’s very wrong. You have a professionally developed website but the number of conversions is depressing. You have existing clients but they don’t seem to show any signs of interest in buying more from you. Did you make a mistake with your online marketing strategy? Are you sending the wrong message to potential customers? Having a website is not enough and not all marketing schemes are effective. You could be doing something wrong indeed. Find out before it’s too late.

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Don’t Confuse Your Customers – Be Straightforward!

Most website owners have this annoying habit of excessively using big words in super long sentences to appear more authoritative or as some would say, professional. Scouring the thesaurus for important sounding words just won’t cut it anymore. You have to speak the language of your audience for them to understand what you’re offering.

Take a tour around your website. From a customer’s point of view, would he know instantly what you’re selling once he gets to the landing page? Does he have to browse around a bit before he figures out who you are and what you do?

Keep it simple and avoid long, fancy words. Remember that customers are searching online for the convenience and getting them to click multiple times just to resolve the issue of what you do is not exactly convenient!

You Don’t Have a Blog – Create One Now!

It’s a cliché, you say. You don’t have a blog because you think everyone has one and it does not make you unique. Maybe, you’re just afraid of starting one because you don’t know what to write about. Are you freaked out about coming up with interesting stories each month? That’s a lot of excuses!

Blogging is an opportunity that you should not miss. Definitely! With the usability of a blog, you can increase your credibility. Your blog tells your customer that you are the expert in the industry. You’re the leader. No one does it better than you do. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t fret if you are not confident about your writing skills. Professional web copywriters can effectively engage your customers to read the compelling content on your blog and drive more traffic to your website. But don’t just hire someone who writes well! Make sure he is well versed with online marketing and organic SEO.

Existing Customers – Keep Them Interested

What’s the easiest way to gain more sales aside from enticing new clients? It’s getting your existing customers to buy another product from you or refer you to their friends and families. If they’re happy with your service, then you’d have no problem getting them to talk about your business.

But that won’t happen if you ignore them after they buy from you. You need to CARE. Don’t be like other businesses who don’t think about their customers after making a sale. Nourish the relationship by:

  • Calling them and asking them about how your product or service is helping them
  • Engaging them in a dialogue that will help improve your services
  • Giving them a discount on their next purchase or a freebie
  • Offering them a related product or service
  • Sending them additional information through email or an e-book explaining how they can get more out of the products.

An opportunity for you to thank your existing clients should never be wasted. Let them know how much you appreciate their business. Let them feel that you’ll always be there to help them out and be genuinely helpful, not just for the sake of the marketing strategy you’re implementing.

Social Media Management – Talk to an SEO Agency About It

Sure, you have a Facebook page and a Twitter profile. But how many likes and followers do you have? To increase your online presence, you’d need someone to help you gain new clients and connect with them. Unless you’re making five movies a year or ranking well on the music charts, it’s hard to be in the loop and gather a big number of followers.

That’s where an efficient SEO company comes in. They are masters in social media marketing and can get you quality followers. By quality, I mean that your followers and fans are real people who are interested in your products or services.


If you’re currently making a checklist of what you need to do to overhaul your marketing plans, you’re on the right track. You don’t need to do everything at once. There are no recipes for overnight success when it comes to marketing online. Even the best blogs took months, even years of constant hard work and dedication.

Start with one SEO service that can boost your rankings. If you haven’t talked to anyone from an established SEO firm yet, put that on your priority list. That’s a great start to conquering your struggles and amassing your fortune. One small step at a time. You can do this. You know you can.

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