5 Smart Ideas to Beat Online Competition

Online marketing is all about standing out; due to the short attention span of people that are searching for businesses or services on the internet, you must appeal to your customers and retain their attention as quickly as possible. To help you stand apart from your competition, here are five ideas that are sure to make an impression.

  1. Video Marketing

    Video marketing is still in its infancy, but it has proved to be extremely effective when reaching your customers. Not only can customers learn information about your product or company much faster than reading a wall of text, they can learn in a visually-appealing and therefore pleasurable manner. This often leads to much higher conversion rates, and thus more sales!

  2. Utilize Color

    One of the most basic psychological principles that many online marketers often forgot is that color can significantly alter the mood of a potential customer. Use red to create a sense of urgency, while using blue to convey a sense of trust. Green can provide a sense of calmness, while yellow can be utilized to grab your reader’s attention. The proper mix of these colors can make all the difference when it comes to a sale.

  3. Use a Strong Call to Action

    Many online marketers make the fatal mistake of not giving their potential customer a reason to call or buy. Instead of simply listing the features or benefits of a particular service, you must give them a reason as to why these features of benefits will be of use to them. Combining this with a call to action as simple as “call now!” or “buy now!” will work drastically better than a simple explanation of your business, service, product etc.

  4. Laser Target your Prospects

    While online marketing may seem like a numbers game, you can see much better results by focusing on the specific group of customers that are most likely to purchase from you. For example, instead of wasting valuable time posting a generic message on hundreds of random forums, tailor your message to a specific niche and spend that time posting your new message on relevant forums.

  5. Build Relationships

    While you may be tempted to contact as many people as possible by spending very little time with each one, you will be surprised how well prospects will convert to sales if you spend some extra time building a relationship with them. Find out where they are coming from, problems they may have, and why your product or service can act as a solution to that product. While this can often lead to sales taking much longer, in the end you will see more business than dialing 100 numbers a day and giving a quick ten-second pitch.

Online marketing is just like every other type of marketing; it’s about effectively delivering a message in a way that sticks out from your competition. Incorporate theses five ideas into your internet marketing campaign and watch your sales skyrocket!

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