5 New Ways to Build an Efficient Email Marketing List

The power of email marketing is often misunderstood and is usually projected as a dead marketing tactic. But, for efficient online marketers, this is a powerful tool to expand their overall sectoral reach. The efficiency of email marketing lies in the potential to create new online sales opportunities.

In traditional form of online marketing, or better to say, the earlier approach was to wait for the customers to visit the site – offer the products – make profit by maintaining margins. This method would have an all-or-no chance of procuring a sale. The problem arises when the online visitor simply leaves without making a purchase. The worst case scenario eventually comes into play when there’s no guarantee of recurring sales or customer loyalty.

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How to build an Efficient Email Marketing List

This gets replaced by advantage of using email marketing. If you build an email marketing list consisting of potential buyers and target customers you not only create the opportunity to reach out to them but also open up the window for value based purchases and updating them with targeted offers, messages and special promotions.

Here are the five ways on how to build an efficient email marketing list for your website and stay connected with your profitable prospects:

1. Build an opt-in for email form on your home page.
The easiest way to create an email marketing list is to integrate an email opt-in form in your site’s homepage. Most online marketers prefer to place the form “above the fold” so that it gets more exposure without scrolling down to the rest of the page. Marketers that create strategic opt-in forms target the visitor’s visual perception.

You can either create your own email opt-in form system or signup with an email marketing service provider. The cost however will increase as your subscriber base increases. The email marketing service provider will allow you to collect email ids, give you access to manage them and also offer features like sending messages to your subscribers.

2. Include an opt-in option on the About page.
Including the opt-in form on the About page as a secondary target area leads to better productivity. Getting email submissions from this page will ensure that the visitors have arrived on this page after learning more about you and your business. Get one step ahead of them by encourage them to join your email list.

3. Integrating the opt-in form in the blog’s comments section.
This particular area is known to bring in good volumes of email submits. If your blog is targeting the business niche then it’s profitable to integrate an email opt-in frame into the comments section. The email opt-in form will help you reach people who have already demonstrated an interest in what you and your article have to say.

4. Add an opt-in form to your checkout process.
Nowadays, most of the eCommerce platforms are providing an option for integrating your opt-in form at the time order checkout processing. The checkout process is a crucial logical place that proves your customers’ will to purchase your product(s). Therefore the chances of email sign ups over here will be for the purpose of receiving promotions and special discounts.

Many of today’s top payment system processors integrate smoothly with the most popular email marketing service providers.

5. Embedding an email opt-in pop-up form.
You can also use various plug-ins to create and display pop-ups that contain the email opt-in form. In the method of creating efficient email marketing list another effective option is to present the opt-in forms in the form of pop-up advertisements. But keep in mind that most people find pop-up ads quite irritating. You can use efficiently use them in user insensitive sites.

Lastly, the entire email marketing list building process is measured better if an A/B Testing procedure is carried out. Also keep in mind the site’s bounce rate, certainly you don’t wanna increase that.

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