Best Websites to Learn Web Designing in 2014

Here are five sites that will help you learn web designing. All of the sites can be used by people that have no experience programming at all, but most of them are easier to use if you have a little bit of knowledge about web design and website programming. The sites are in no particular order, and some are more comprehensive and reliable than others. Still, all five are good for learning web design tips.

1 –

This is a website that has lots of articles about web design. You may use the articles to further your own knowledge of the whole design process and the codes involved in it. You can learn CSS3, JavaScript, SVG, HTML5 and it shows you how to create and install mobile add-ons. It is a knowledge-sharing site, which means some pieces of information may be more useful than others. It also means some pieces of data will be a little dated. If you wish, then you can add in your own articles to the website. If you search through the website you will find answer to most of your problems and questions, and it is updated as new people enter new articles, so you should be able to find information on the more recent code updates too.

2 –

This is a website for learning all sorts of web design codes, including Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It has a lot of courses within the website that help you learn each one easily. There are online exercises that are interactive and they have tried to make the process of learning a little less dry and sterile. You get to earn online badges and such as you learn more and more, which is one of the ways they have tried to make learning web programming a little more fun. You can access the lessons for free and learn at your own pace, and obviously, you can come back to it at a later date to refresh your knowledge.

3 – CodeHS

This is a website that helps people learning computer science and there are courses that will teach you web design and such. It was set up by students to help other students, which means there are some beginner level aspects but you will do better with it if you already have some knowledge of web design and CSS. It is easy enough to navigate and is not too badly polished when you consider that the students were probably under a time limit since they had to work on their own studies too throughout building the website. It will teach you about different web design programming codes and will help you learn a few design principles and tips too. If you are a very advanced user then this may not be the website for you, that is not to say that it is for rank amateurs either.

4 – CodeSchool

This is a website that offers courses in learning how to design and develop websites. There are video lessons you can learn from, plus they have screen casts and coding drills. A fair amount of the website is interactive where you can learn by doing. They also have lessons on how to program for the iOS. They will teach you CSS, HTML and Ruby. It is not a difficult website to learn from, though you should at least have a little web design knowledge before using the website. It is easy to navigate and learn web programming. The lessons are a little more fun than just reading online articles and there are some people that are going to appreciate their teaching approach when compared with other teaching methods used by the other websites on this article.

5 –

This is where you can learn a little more than a rank amateur about CSS. It is better if you do have some design knowledge prior to going to the site. It is all about cascading style sheets as you can probably tell by the name of the website. There is a complete knowledgebase of the CSS language, and there are a lot of examples and explanations to help you. The examples and explanations help you to learn and memorize some of the tricks. It also acts as a reference guide so that you may come back to it at a later date. It has information about CSS3 so that you may learn all the most recent CSS tricks including how to animate your buttons.

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