Top 5 Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog!

Are You looking for Ways to Monetize Your Blog? Then you have come to the right place. Monetizing Your Blog can be difficult when you are out there to really make money online. There are various on-page factors, user engagement metrics which needs to be looked after. For Bloggers, sometimes it takes quite some time to curate fresh content that will engage their visitors as well as fetch them some money. Thus getting a positive return on your investment overall constitutes your blogging income.

The Real Methods on How to Make Money from Blogging!

In this post, we are going to look into awesome blog monetization techniques and online income ideas that will help you generate good amount of revenue from your blog.

1. Turn your Blog into a Membership Only Model –

If you are into blogging for quite sometime, you will notice that most affiliate marketers tend to reserve a premium product for their members only. You need a member of that blog before you can avail their X product. The advantage of implementing this model is your Blog’s value will increase in due time. Once your start promoting a product or a feature or perhaps a valuable service to select few, others will be motivated to join your select few also.

TIP: Charge the right price and you are off to a very good start!

2. Promote Affiliate Products through effective Product Reviews –

There are buyers, prospect review readers everywhere. Be it in any niche, you’ll always have several visitors to your blog if your reviews are honest and solves their particular problem. Maximum affiliate income is generated from such blogging model.

TIP: You can start with amazon affiliate program, clickbank, shareasale products!

3. Selling Your own eBooks –

It might sound crazy but eBooks is the next Big thing nowadays! With Kindle users ever increasing several writers are making a living through their simple eBooks. Promoting your ebook through your blog is yet another challenge but if done correctly that’s the best place to be right now.

TIP: Create a custom landing page for your ebook marketing blog.

4. Utilizing Google AdSense –

This is the Best Publisher platform out there. If you go through other blogs you will see Google AdSense is most effective in monetizing your Blog. The competitors don’t even come close to comparision with Google AdSense’s CPC, high levels of ad fulfillment and on-time payments. AdSense works with any amount of traffic but more the merrier. The best part is Google manages it’s ad inventory directly from premium sources like AdWords.

TIP: More Traffic from Tier 1 Countries usually leads to more blogging Revenue.

5. Shell out ad slots in your Blog at a premium price –

Let’s say you are more selective in choosing what to display in your Blog then this option is best for you. You can either use 3rd party ad management solutions or integrate your own. However in order to utilize such a function you need to have good amount of traffic in your Blog. Without good traffic volumes advertisers won’t be interested in buying your blog’s ad slots.

TIP: You can use BuySellAds to get started in Banner Ads!

Always remember you are the person responsible for your Blog’s Growth! Visitors usually tend to avoid sites that have too much of advertising content. So fixing the fine line of less ads versus positive revenue is actually tough. Work hard and keep up the good work. Cheers!

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