5 Ways to Get High Quality Media Coverage for Your Startup Business

High Quality Media coverage and attention is desired by every startup. This is integral to any startup business or website. Before a startup can even think of bringing in more traffic, they need to create awareness about their brand, website and business. With close to no visitors and no brand recognition, it becomes extremely tough to become successful. Capital in every business venture is one of the most crucial factors. Due to very little initial investment every business startup needs to resort to inexpensive outlets and tactics in order to get good quality media coverage.

How to get Media Coverage For Your Startup?

Building media coverage and good relations helps attract potential investors and partners. The main question looming largely through everyone’s mind, is How to secure such quick and inexpensive media coverage as a startup? What can be done to build reputation and brand? Well here are a few simplified and concise ways to get media coverage as a startup.

1. Prepare a Media Sample and Press Release: This is the quickest and simplest way to actually get a lot of attention and exposure for your brand or website. Preparing a press release about your launch could be a newsworthy and landmark event. Ensure to furnish as many details about your brand as you can in the media sample. PR Web or even PR Newswire are potential news platforms through which you could easily submit your press release for more media coverage. Building a good reputation is the key to increasing media coverage and overall success.

2. Target Media Journalists: You can get your startup featured in a news article or story covered by a popular and recognized journalist. This could even lead to more regular media coverage if you establish good relations with a willing journalist. Finding a journalist to help you attain your goal might not be easy but it is not impossible. LinkedIn seem like a treasure trove when it comes meeting journalists. Ensure that your content is interesting and unique and no journalist will turn you down.

3. Use Social Media to make yourself known: Standing out and being attractively unique is an easy way to climb up the ladder at a fast pace. Twitter can be used as an effective platform as it is commonly used by most active journalists. You’re more likely to get a response via Twitter than by spamming one’s Gmail. Establish and maintain long-lasting relationships in order to secure fast and easy media coverage as a startup.

4. Hold Briefings and pick a Spokesperson: Every new announcement requires a spokesperson to effectively communicate the relevant news and information. Holding briefings for monumental events, milestones, and even announcements can lead to large exposure. Face to face meetings with the help of a spokesperson can add an extra personal touch. Building a press release will help you but the person conveying the information needs to be well-equipped for it to actually be of some use to a startup.

5. Share news articles: Once news articles have been published through various sources by journalists, start sharing those stories on your media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Gaining and retaining viewers will ultimately boost your media coverage and help make your business startup a grand success.

So if you are a startup there’s no need to panic. Quick and wise choices can help you attain the media coverage you need. These few efficient and effective tips can actually turn things around for your startup!

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