How to Optimize Anchor Text for SEO 2020?

An Anchor Text plays an important role in connecting a link with it’s authority. While Links still remain the backbone of search engine optimization, the key to SEO success depends largely on it. Back in 2012, when seo experts and link builders started large scale manipulations of backlinks, Google was forced to come out with Penguin update. It targeted the over-optimization of anchor texts that were used by fraudulent link building services.

Moving on to 2020, what used to work for Anchor Text Optimization has ceased to be valid. So here’s our list of SEO Techniques to get the most out of backlinks in 2020.

1. Divide the Anchor Texts into Separate Sections – Its always better to segment individual anchor texts into proper groups that will overall increase the value of your link profile. Too much of anything is bad for your website. So you can evenly distribute anchor texts into Branded(e.g. Online Social Media Blog), Website Name type(e.g., Naked URL(e.g., LSI Keywords(e.g. anchor text seo, anchor tag, anchorlink) and Generic texts(e.g. click here, read more).

2. Guest Blogging for your Rescue – Some of you might think Guest Blogging is a thing of the past but interestingly it offers the best anchor text diversifying opportunity. In a cost-efficient guest blogging campaign, your effort to push for the LSI and partial match keywords is often accepted by the webmaster.

3. Always use Anchor Texts that go with the Topic – Google’s algorithms are getting smarter each day. Now they can clearly understand the relevancy between your topic and the anchor texts that you have used. If you place out-of-context anchor texts on a topic that is totally different then Google will take note of that. In some extreme situation is might even lead to internal blog/site penalization. So only link relevant content with their intended keywords.

4. Avoid Anchor Text Over-Optimization at all Cost – Always think and review before placing more than 1 keyword in your anchor text! Google is dead against any kind of manipulations like keyword stuffing. Your website/article won’t rank higher if you stuff various keywords into the anchor text. Instead such an action will impact your site as Google Penguin update is now running realtime.

5. Don’t Forget to Link more often to your Inner Pages – Unless you are a newbie, you know the importance of a website’s inner pages. In most cases, link builders ignore the deep pages and focus only on top level pages like homepage, and category pages. However, building links to deep rooted pages are also beneficial when it comes to anchor text optimization. From a visitor’s behavioral flow, deep linking helps the user to navigate easily.

Keeping the above Anchor Text Optimization techniques in mind, building great SEO Campaigns for 2020 will be very easy for newbie and veteran link builders!

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