Advertisers prefer Instagram to Twitter for Social Media Ad Campaigns

According to a recent Survey, Advertising Agencies and their Clients are more interested in running digital marketing campaigns on Instagram rather than on Twitter. The 140 character social networking site – Twitter, has always been one of the strongest and best channels of social media for advertising and promotional purposes. It looks like there could possibly be a new social media channel which just might dethrone the high and mighty Twitter. With the new launch of Instagram Analytics for Business profiles, Advertising agencies are now looking more towards Instagram rather than resorting to good old Twitter. A recent survey conducted further threw light on this matter, revealing an indication of a weak spot in the advertisement sales operations on Twitter. Twitter has slowly been on the decline as indicated by a research firm called, which predicted that Snapchat would soon surpass Twitter in the U.S.

Twitter has been facing quite a few management troubles along with stagnant user growth and a rapidly tumbling stock price. Cracks and weak spots have emerged in the ad business and is reflected in the first quarter revenue report of the company. Stock has taken a big hit and tumbled down by 15% since the earnings announcement this April. The survey from a unit of Comcast called Strata reported that 63% of advertising agencies were more inclined to use a social media application like Instagram. Twitter was fast to react and quickly rejected this report altogether. Their justification lay in a study conducted in 2015 by Advertiser Perceptions which concluded that a majority of advertisers wanted to buy ads on Twitter, with only a few preferring Instagram, which is mainly a photo sharing application.

Instagram vs Twitter

Twitter, being one of the major social media channels finds it tough to admit that they are actually on the decline. However, instead of rightly admitting the truth, their spokesperson reveals, “We have close relationships with our agency clients and continue to hear that Twitter offers the most powerful creative canvas

Instagram has been gaining widespread popularity as it has been making use of Facebook’s advertising technology. In an effort to make Instagram more appealing, new features are being added to make it more useful for advertising agencies. According to reports, Instagram has over 200,000 advertisers when compared with Twitters lower sum of 130,000 advertisers. Since the audience has taken more of a liking towards Instagram, advertising agencies have no option but to be driven in the same direction as marketers will always follow the audience.

Another major reason why advertising agencies are shying away from twitter and using Instagram instead is because of the large number of Instagram users. Believe it or not but Instagram actually has many more users than Twitter does. As time passes by, Instagram is only going to become more and more popular given their already established popularity.

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