5 Points to Remember When It Comes To SEO

There are quite a few rules or guidelines, one should stick to and not try to tamper or break them when it comes to SEO. Let’s say you are new to the world of SEO, though you own a Website, and although you have done everything you could to make your website visible to a large square the audience, you are not able to reach them or get your website ranking in the first page. This means, there is something you are doing wrong or there is something you are missing out on. The Internet is filled with information about the latest updates on SEO, but this certainly does not mean that you can trust all of them. There are sites or articles that provide false information, and there are the ones that are old since SEO rules are something that is always changing.

However, there are some points one must never ever forget and carry out consistently when it comes to SEO. If you are a newbie to the subject, you would like to learn more about it before doing something that might just bring the ranking down or take you nowhere at all. If you are willing to learn about SEO yourself and if you are thinking about taking it all into your own hands, then there are a few authorized websites and books (printed books) written on the subject (which will be discussed in yet another article) to help you learn and apply the same. Of course, you will come across millions of latest news updates related to news and articles on SEO.

Learning more and more about the subject and keeping yourself updated on everything is the least one can do to be an expert in SEO. If you keep yourself dedicated to it and if you follow the rules you are sure to see results, especially positive ones, but do not get disheartened in a couple of days or months, since it takes quite a while to see the results, give yourself at least a few months and have patience. However, five basic points of SEO that you must remember are listed below –

1. Make a website that can be called the best

You have got to make your website that talks about your business or whatever it is that you want to promote among the people (to be precise, your target audience).

2. Get started with Google analytics

This will help you keep up with the data of the traffic your website receives and will help you get an idea in order to solve the issues that went wrong, be it knowingly or unknowingly.

3. Research keywords at the start point

Researching your keywords is an important and crucial thing you must do, before you begin to right any content in your website. For this you can use the free too offered by Google, that is the ‘AdWords Keyword Tool.

4. URL’s that are SEO friendly to be used

You have got to understand that, when you are supposed to make it SEO friendly, to do so, add keywords to your URL and make sure you use may one hyphen, which is, if you have to and avoid any more number of hyphens.

5. Meta Description and Title is needed

Make sure that you have added a Meta description and a good title with keywords for every page of your website.

If you follow the above mentioned points, you are assured that you are doing your SEO right; there are many more tips and points to remember coming your way, so stay tuned for more.

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