5 Tips To Use Pinterest Effectively To Promote Your Local Business

Here’s a problem: you’ve got your local business up and running and you need more people come to your local business in order for you to make more money. You already use Facebook and Twitter, and you even have your own website to promote your local business. Additionally, you have spread your flyers and brochures in your neighborhood, expecting people to notice your local business there. Still, you need more people to come to your place. What’s missing? You are missing Pinterest. It is a growing social media platform where you can post images and articles to a virtual pin board. That’s a perfect addition to your promotion effort. So, how can you use Pinterest to attract more people to your local business? Here are 5 tips to use Pinterest to effectively promote your local business:

1. Pin Your Memorable Experiences

Impress your potential customers with your pin boards. How can you do that? You can do that by pinning your most memorable experiences in your business. For instance, you can pin images when your customers feel happy with your products or services. Or, you can pin images when your company takes a holiday trip this year. Make your pins look impressive and emotional by pinning your memorable experiences on your Pinterest board.

2. Showcase Your Products In The Right Way

Of course, you have to showcase your products on Pinterest as well. For instance, if you have a local restaurant business with unique menu, you can post your food images to your Pinterest board, giving interesting bit of information about the food in each pin. In this way, people will feel more curious about the food that you’re serving at your restaurant. In turn, it will make them want to buy your product more. This applies not only to foods, but also for other things that you sell as well.

3. Get Personal With Your Pinterest Board

Since Pinterest is a social media website, you shouldn’t get too serious with it. What does it mean? People just being over-protective toward their business brand, which lead them to ignore the importance of personal connection with their audience. On Pinterest, however, you need to get more personal with your audience. Show them your people, your employees, your politeness toward your customers, and so on. Show a lot of smiles in your Pinterest board. This is a good way to establish more personal connection with your audience.

4. Put Complete Information About Your Local Business

Don’t forget to put a complete information about your business on Pinterest. You don’t want people to get trouble finding your business because you don’t give them any relevant information about your business. Give your complete address, phone number, email, official Skype contact, etc in your Pinterest profile. Let people approach you easily. Make your business accessible for them. In this way, you will show your potential customers that you are a legitimate business they can trust.

5. Organize Your Board According To The Services You Offer

You need to organize your board properly as well. Do not mix the pins about your product with the pins about your company event. Separate your pins with good categorization. In this way, your audience won’t feel confused when they see your pin board. If you offer multiple services and sell multiple products in multiple categories, it is better for you to separate your board according to the services you offer. Use Pinlify.com to enhance your pins before uploading your product image to pinterest. People will feel more comfortable learning about your business if you do this.

Now that your local business is ready on Pinterest, your next step would be to spread the word about it to your existing customers as well as potential customers. Let them know about your Pinterest board and ask them to follow you on Pinterest. This will make your local business to grow further.

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