5 Points to Remember When It Comes To SEO

There are quite a few rules or guidelines, one should stick to and not try to tamper or break them, when it comes to SEO. Let’s say you are new to the world of SEO, though you own a Website, and although you have done everything you could to make your website visible to a… Read More »

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Google Launches New Domain Registration Service

Google has finally decided to launch their very own Domain Registration service. The announcement officially came in from their recent post in Google+ Your Business Page. Before we get into the details, keep in mind this move was already made back in 2005 when Google had applied for being a domain registrar. They have finally… Read More »

Top 8 Common Local SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

Search Engine Optimization is quite an important online business task that a business owner should attend to. Poor or non-existent SEO means that your website doesn’t really get many visitors or generates traffic. Without SEO it’s difficult to increase your sales or convert those leads. Local SEO is a great way to bring the customers… Read More »

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Twitter reports 255 mln Users Growth + $250 mln Revenue 1st Quarter

Twitter Inc led by its Chief Executive – Dick Costolo, has reported a significant rise in Twitter’s User count. Along with their $250 million in Revenue, Twitter reported to have generated a growth of about 255 million users in their 1st Quarter results. Twitter’s power-pack revenue seems to have been generated from their recently introduced… Read More »